Project on after care of sexual violence and funded jointly by STIRF and UHB Charity is published

Measuring patient experience and outcome in health care settings on receiving care after sexual violence: a systematic review

Project number: 035

This project was completed in March 2018.

The aim was to identify key themes regarded by patients as priorities for delivering a high-quality service for individuals who have experienced sexual violence.

The investigators found that while the experience and outcome as reported by the patients are important measures in themselves, there are are no gold standard instruments against which their experience can be measured.

The patients themselves identified the need to feel in control throughout, which is enabled by listening without judgment, carefully conveying information.

The findings present challenges for healthcare professionals who may feel obligated to ensure particular outcomes, such as emergency contraception being offered when the patient simply wants to be offered choices.

Funding for this project has been kindly provided by JoLi Trust and University Hospitals Birmingham Charity.

Publication: Caswell RJ, Ross, JDC and Lorimer K. Sex Transm Infect 2019;95:419–427. doi:10.1136/sextrans-2018-053920

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