Development of a questionnaire to measure patients’ satisfaction with HIV Clinics

A STIRF funded project (STIRF-012) has been completed successfully. Professor Jonathan Ross, Consultant in HIV medicine at University Hospital Birmingham and Lucy Land, Reader in Nursing at Birmingham City University have developed a questionnaire that will give patients attending an HIV clinic the opportunity to feedback their experiences of care.

A systematic review of the medical literature provided background information on what factors were important to patients attending a HIV clinic. Current users of the service were then involved in verifying this information and added their views about the issues that were important to them. For example being afforded respect, dignity and autonomy, together with an expectation of expert medical care were considered essential to a good service.

A draft questionnaire was constructed to include questions around these issues as well as others that were relevant and important to patients with HIV. This draft was tested with a group of patients and refined further. The final questionnaire was piloted on 100 clinic patients and showed that the feedback from the questionnaire could provide an accurate reflection of patients’ experiences. In the future, an annual survey using this questionnaire will be conducted and the data will be used to measure the quality of care and inform improvements in HIV clinic services.

The research had been submitted for publication

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