Research funding

We need research on:

  • The mechanisms of spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
  • How best to deliver patient care for sexual heath
  • The best settings in which to deliver sexual health care to various groups in society: the young, the gay and bisexual, the sexually adventurous, and ethnic minorities
  • What kind of care clients want and their views
  • Specific issues relating to deprived or marginalised communities
  • The mechanisms and effects of sexually acquired infections and syndromes
  • The interaction between various conditions
  • The most effective treatments for these conditions
  • How to avoid or minimize the complications caused by treatment

We will fund the following fields of research:

  • Epidemiology of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Research on HPV and other sexually transmissible malingnancies
  • Healthcare delivery including views of clients
  • Issues relating to deprived or marginalised communities.
  • Pathophysiology of diseases and syndromes
  • Inter-relationship between diseases
  • Treatment modalities
  • Complications of treatment and co-morbidities

Please note that in order to encourage new research we are less likely to fund researchers who have already successfully obtained funds from STIRF in the recent past.

Find out how to apply for research funds

Deadline for applications for the 2017-8 round is November 30, 2017